Gas Prices in the Shuswap area of British Columbia

This is a live feed from I just joined this site and will try and add the mentioned cities myself. It is nice to know thay we have some of the lowest prices in B.C.

Lowest Gas Prices in Chase, Enderby, Salmon Arm, Vernon

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Price Trends for British Columbia

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White Lake Fire Department – Work and Play Together

When I moved to White Lake I joined the White Lake Fire Department. This was a good choice. This provides the opportunity to provide some help for the community, learn new things, (you are provided with the same training as paid firefighters) and meet the great people that are the White Lake Fire Department.  Yesterday we had the annual Pot Luck BBQ at one of the members homes. What a good time was had by all. People of all age groups were there, from young children to the retired firefighters. The roast beef, salmon, and all the pots people brought were all the best of the best. At the end the desserts were to die for.

As you can see we have a new pumper truck and also not shown, there is also a new tender truck, so I joined at the right time.

McGillveray Studios Goes Geothermal By The Geothermal Guys

McGillveray Studios new home has an old gas furnace that needs to be replaced and has no air conditioning. My neighbor mentioned geothermal as a option and so we went with it as a planet friendly option. The ground temp. is 50 deg. F. all year round so that you only have to add the heat of compression to make up the difference from 50 to 72 deg. F. in the winter time. Also more efficient cooling in the summer as the ground is cooler than the ambient air normally used for condensing the refrigerant.

Here they are drilling one of the two 220 foot wells that are required for this installation. This will supply 30,000 BTU’s/hr which seems small, compared to a furnace but the system has a longer run time, with a multi speed fan without the blast of hot air for a short time. This makes for a more evenly heated home with less temperature fluctuations.

This system is being installed by The Geothermal Guys in Salmon arm. They have installed at least 170 systems.

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McGillveray Studios moves to Sorrento B.C. On White Lake

Well I retired from my steady job of 30 years working at the gas plant in Taylor B.C. Had to get back south to the shorter and not so frigid winters. Plus the 2 day drive to visit the south will not be missed. Picked a house with lots to do, this one will keep me busy. It also has, as you can see a large shop that will be turned into a studio.

It’s got grape vines, grow boxes, lots of flowers, lots of birds, 2 wells, and a hot tub. My own heaven on earth.

Well you have to tend the place to keep heaven there. I think I just won the war over 2 ant nests, but can’t speak to soon. They do have a tougher guy to deal with now.

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Posting With The WordPress iPod App

This is the first post with my new iPod and the WordPress free app. This might be handy when on the road, and there is Wi Fi around with no laptop to pack around. I still cannot see paying for Internet access twice, once at home and also a cell phone. Not for me, yet. It would be a pain to post new pictures with this though as you have to get them in the iPod first. No camera in the iPod. This picture is from a directory of jpegs on my PC that I synced with iTunes. Just trying this out to see what happens. Seems straight forward enough to make a simple post eg. You cannot make a nextgen gallery.

A Cuban Beach

Ha did not know the small size of this picture before publishing the post, so here is a better one uploaded from my PC. You can see what you are doing!

Golfing The Mighty Peace

I went out to video the Peace River from the lookout at the bottom of 100th Street in Fort St. John a few days ago. Then along came a couple of guys that cannot wait for spring. I know what they feel like.
Sorry for the jerky panning as I was using my regular ball head. Have since bought a real video head so the next video should be much improved.

Update April 11th,2010: The snow is gone!

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