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ebay seller Velocity Media links to other peoples sites to steal

ebay seller Velocity Media of Lehigh Valley and/or Allentown, Pennsylvania simply links to pictures on other peoples sites to sell his goods. He linked to a picture of a x-rite colormunki that I reviewed last May. He also linked to pictures of the product on a few other web sites.

I emailed him and asked why he linked to my site, and asked if he had enough mojo to make his own pictures. He emailed me back and said “because I felt like it” and “you spelled mojo wrong.” I guess I did spell mojo wrong, you don’t get the original message back with ebay.

Does this guy know what a copyright law is or what respect of other people is?  Figure not. I am always weary of copyright laws and taking things from other people. So I changed the photo he linked to and hope it chased a few people away from his page on ebay. Does he not think that this and other things cannot be done? He must be a pretty slow guy that thinks he can do smart things. (like sell something on ebay!)

Will watch this guy and see if he does it again, notify people if he does, and change the picture he links to again. Wonder if he checks his ads as the picture he is displaying will not help him. Maybe get him into trouble.

Stamp River Provincial Camp Ground near Port Alberni, Vancouver Island B.C.

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