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This site was created September 22, 2007. By yours truly Mark McGillveray.

I have been an amateur photographer since high school. My basement contained a darkroom most of the time, printing both B&W and colour. When I started printing colour it required 8 separate baths. Gave up chemicals for digital in 2004, it was then down to 2 baths, but it was still a pain in the butt. Digital is way more fun. No chemicals to go bad in 4 weeks. Trying different hobbies, leaving photography for various reasons and it being the only hobby I keep coming back to, here I am again.

Having lived in Fort St. John B.C. was, for 30 years a shift engineer at a gas processing plant. I retired in 2010, moved to Sorrento B.C (Am on White Lake) for shorter and warmer winters,and am spending time on my old passion, photography.

Any prints purchased from this site will only be printed on the highest quality paper and Epson K3 inks. It is claimed that this combination will produce prints that will last more than 80 years if properly cared for or framed. I currently have an Epson R2400 which will print 13 inches wide. Standard for that size is 13 x 19 inches and can be made to print many feet long. I have printed panos 13 x 42 inches long so far.

Many thanks and follow the Blog pages for the latest of what is going on.

Mark McGillveray
Sorrento, B.C.,






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Lillooet BC

At a campground in Lillooet B.C. You can just see the Fraser river in the background.